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  • The density varies according to the size and thickness. However we have soft, medium, hard and extra hard.

  • Yes, it is 100% natural latex

  • We buy latex in India only.

  • The discount differs from dealer to dealer. Transportation is seperate as it is a third party

  • It is manufacturing process for natural latex foam.

  • No, it doesn't have zipper.

  • It also differs from size to size, however in mattress is starts from 20kgs

  • 1Pillow for single mattress and 2 pillows for double mattress

  • Also, it depends on the weight of the cot and weight of the person. As per the size you have given 2 persons can sleep peacefully irrespective of the weight.

  • Same applicable as above. In a mattress it doesn't matter, the weight of the cot matters.

  • 10 years Guaranteed

  • No problem sir, once you have bought the mattress you need to register with us for Guarantee activation.

  • The maximum life is 15years if maintained 20years

General FAQS

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