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Heavenly Hug
Pincore Pillows

Heavenly hug Pillow


The Heavenly hug Pillow is thoughtfully designed to provide exceptional support for your neck and spine. It is specifically crafted to alleviate neck pain, stiffness, and discomfort by ensuring proper alignment. Experience a comfortable and restful sleep while enhancing your posture with this specially engineered pillow, utilizing the benefits of Dunlop technology.

Customized comfort

Experience customizable comfort with our unique pillows. Our 2-in-1 reversible design allows you to choose between the supportive Dunlop Technology side and the 100% Natural Latex side. With Dunlop Technology, our pillows are specially designed to relieve pain and provide optimal neck support. Find your perfect level of comfort and wake up refreshed every morning.

Pincore Technology

Pincore technology, utilized in these pillows, features an innovative honeycomb structure that molds to the unique contours of your neck. This technology creates a network of tiny pin-sized holes, evenly distributed throughout the pillow, providing targeted support and relieving pressure points. Experience enhanced comfort and personalized support with the advanced pincore technology incorporated into these pillows.

Premium materials

These pillows are meticulously crafted using premium quality materials, including 100% Natural Latex renowned for its durability and ability to maintain its shape over time. The latex used in these pillows is safe and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthy and chemical-free sleep experience. Rest assured knowing that these pillows prioritize your well-being and provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment.

Enhanced airflow

The honeycomb structure of the pillows, combined with the latex's pin core design, promotes excellent air circulation. This 360° ventilation system helps create a cooler and more comfortable sleeping environment.

Relieves neck pain and discomfort

The Heavenly hug Pillows are specifically designed to support the natural alignment of your neck and spine, helping to alleviate neck pain, stiffness, and discomfort. Experience restful sleep with improved neck support.


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