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Welcome To Indofrench

Premium LATEX Mattress for every home

With our superior materials and manufacturing quality we engineer our products to offer you great warranties that showcase our credibility.

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Designed for Optimal Air Circulation

More than 3000 pincore holes for air circulation in the mattress

Indofrench mattresses have been specifically designed to avoid back pain and virtually eliminate back stiffness. A truly special feature of the natural latex mattress is its open-ended cell structure, which provides superior ventilation.

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Sleep Organic

Indofrench Products are made using Organic Latex Made in India

Our Products are Manufractured using DUNLOP process poured into a mould which is then baked using a vulcanisation owen where the foam prepared to form a uniform bubble distribution.

Welcome To Indofrench

Experience the
Natural Latex Mattress

Manufactured using DUNLOP technology

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India's Most Trusted Mattress

From India's heart, Indofrench's art, Mattresses made and delivered

Where we craft premium mattresses with care in India. Our commitment to quality, comfort, and sustainability shines through in every mattress we make. Experience exceptional sleep delivered right to your doorstep nationwide

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About us

Unlocking The Potential Of Your Space

The mattress most consumers use are made of carcinogenic chemicals, the likes of which are memory foam, bonded foam, spring mattress, and HR foam mattress. These mattresses lose its shape, and in turn, fails to provide proper spinal alignment with time.


Since we live a very sedentary life, good night's sleep is even more important for proper functioning of overall health. Life is enough to keep us awake all night, and therefore, a mattress is just not required to add to the problem.

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A Good Mattress

Do you find yourself tired and exhausted, lying in the bed, and still being unable to sleep?

 It is often because of your mattress. A good quality mattress is key to a good night’s sleep. The right type of mattress provides good comfort and support for your body, ensures good spine alignment, and a good blood circulation. A bad mattress in contrary often leads to a poor posture and can lead to back-aches or even soreness. Select from a wide variety of Indofrench mattresses available online.

1. Strengthens Your Heart

2. Regulates Your Blood Sugar

3. Reduces Your Stress Levels

4. Decreases Inflammation



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People will not go for another brand once use this latex mattress it is guaranteed for more than 20 years also mattress position remains same forever it is not like ordinary spring mattress

Anthoni Muthu G.

Best 100% natural latex mattress i've ever used. Great quality, comfort, etc. Would recommend everyone for those who looking for the best natural latex mattress.

Suresh Bharath . B

Above 15yrs gives life... ... (INDOFRENCH) Pincore Mattresses..... 10years piece to piece Replacement Guarantee. Only one product in India

Siva Shankari . B


Experience the ultimate in sleep luxury

with our Latex Mattress.

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Buy Comfortable Mattress at Indofrench

A good night’s sleep is key to overall wellbeing. As per the studies, an average adult needs around 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep to be healthy. Getting good sleep can work wonders for your mental and physical health. It boosts your productivity and improves your immunity. Instrumental to good sleep is a good mattress, and that is why it is important to invest in the right mattress. When it comes to mattresses, there are different types of mattresses that Indofrench offers. Crafted with research-backed solutions and cutting-edge technology. At Indofrench, you can buy a bed mattress of your choice.

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