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Return Policy

You may request a return for any manufacturing defect or damage, provided it complies with the guidelines stated in the product guarantee document provided to you during your purchase ("guarantee Document"). However, please be aware that if the defect or damage results from your actions, including misuse, improper storage, maintenance, use, assembly, installation, alteration, or repair, you will not be eligible for a return, and we will not be liable.


To be eligible for a return and refund, you must notify the Company in writing and return the product within 48 hours from the time of receipt. The product must be unused, in its original condition, with all tags and packaging intact and undamaged.

Please ensure you submit the original invoice along with the product, following the other terms and conditions mentioned in this Return Policy.

For initiating a return, kindly inform us of your decision via email at , providing full details of the defect, the invoice number, and the delivery note number before shipping the product back to us.


If your return claim is approved by the company, we will cover the shipping costs for returning the product. However, it is your responsibility to ensure the product reaches us in good condition. Any transit damages incurred will be charged to you.

Upon receiving the delivery of products, please inspect the quantity to ensure it matches your order. In case of delivery, promptly notify the courier who delivered the products to you. The courier will verify the quantity and confirm the delivery. You must mention the delivery on the proof of delivery document, specifying the actual number of products delivered by the Company and the number of products ordered by you. Submit this document to the courier. The Company will investigate your claim and, if legitimate, will arrange for the remaining undelivered portion of the shipment to be delivered to you. Please cooperate with the Company and provide all necessary documentation and information as required. Failure to notify the Company within the specified timeframe will release the Company from any liability or obligation regarding delivery.

Shipping charges vary based on products and location for accurate pricing. Contact us for any questions.

Exclusive Remedy

The return process outlined above shall be your sole and exclusive remedy in case of defective or damaged products. The same applies as your sole and exclusive remedy in case of delivery. For any further queries or assistance, please visit our website.

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